How to use it

Card activation

To start using the card you need to activate it on the web-site. You will need to enter 16-digit card number and 6-character control code.

Card expiration date is 6 months starting from card activation date.

Activate your card

Payment with card

  • With BRAVO Gift card, you can to make cashless purchases at more than 32 million trading and service places all over the world, wherever MasterCard is accepted.
  • BRAVO Gift card gives to you options make the purchases in the on-line stores in the whole world, wherever MasterCard payments are accepted.

Making on-line payment with BRAVO Gift card, on the shop's payment page you must enter in CARDHOLDER NAME field  - "BRAVO GIFT"

Card balance

You can check card balance for free on-line on the site

You can check card balance at ATMs in Latvia and across Europe, where ATM balance service is available for MasterCard cards, for a certain fee. PIN-code for card balance checking is 3333. This PIN-code you may be also asked to enter to make a payment for purchases in some trading places.

Payment history

All BRAVO Gift owners can use on-line user system, which is fast, comfortable and convenient way for cardholders to receive current payment statements.

On-line system