• Where can I purchase the BRAVO Gift card?
    You could order the BRAVO gift card by filling the registration form on this web-page clicking the title "order a card".

    By cash at our partner locations. More.
  • What amounts are available for BRAVO Gift card?
    BRAVO Gift card have a fixed nominals: 30, 50, 75, 100, 150 and 250 euro.
  • How many BRAVO Gift cards I can order at one time?
    You can order any number of card you need, for a total value not exceeding 150.00 euro. If your purchase value is more than 150 euro you shall be requested to pass identification/due diligence procedure. Please call us
    +371 67312674   or  
  • Can I use my BRAVO Gift card right after I receive it?
    To start using the card you need to activate it on the www.bravo.gift web-site clicking the title "activate your card". For activation you will need to enter 16-digit card number and 6-character control code.
  • Why do I need PIN-code?
    You need PIN-code if you want to check balance at ATMs and this PIN-code you may be also asked to enter to make a payment for purchases in some trading places. All BRAVO Gift cards have the same PIN-code – 3333.
  • What is the difference between expiration date and valid period?
    BRAVO Gift card expiry date is indicated on the packaging and the card is valid until the last day of that month. During this time, you can activate the card and start using it.

    The card valid period – 6 month after the card activation date. During this valid period, you can make purchases and pay for services at the trading places.
  • May BRAVO Gift card owner transfer the card to the other person?
    The BRAVO Gift card is anonymous, so the owner of the card can transfer it to other persons.